ICQEM 2016

ICQEM 2016

Sampaio, Paulo;

Domingues, Pedro;

Barros, Síria;

Carvalho, André;

Casadesús, Marti;

Costa, Acácio;

Fernandes, Ana Cristina;

Marimon, Frederic;

Melo, Mónica;

Oliveira, Rui;

Pires, António Ramos;

Saraiva, Pedro.


Framework for monitoring process control with finite mixture distribution: Application in company of alimentary sector

Vicentin, D.S., Silva, B.B., Piccirillo, I.N., Bueno, F.C. and Oprime, P.C.

Instrument that evaluates the IMS and sustainable performance

Poltronieri, C.F., Gerolamo, M.C., Dias, T.C.M. and Carpinetti, L.C.

The impact of the lecturer experience on students’ satisfaction

Berbegal-Mirabent, Jasmina., Mas-Machuca, Marta. and Marimon, Frederic

The prioritization of Attributes - A New Perspective on the RBV

Migowski, S.A., Teixeira, R., Libânio, C.S., Migowski, E.R. and Duarte, F.D.

Combining Quality Tools for Effective Problem Solving

Matthew Barsalou

Design Thinking and QFD: two faces of the same coin?

Patrícia Moura e Sá

Simultaneous integration: a case study of an SME

Llonch, M. and Bernardo, M.

The process of internalization of quality standards

Tarí, J.J., Pereira-Moliner, J., Molina-Azorín, José F. and López-Gamero, M.D.

Integration of Social Topics in Quality Management Curricula

Simon, A.

Knowing the element "Integration and Process Management" on Sugarcane Supply Chain

Palota, P.H. and Martins, M.F.

The experience on management systems certification as an enabler for social responsibility external assessment

Aguilar Rosado, N., Bernardo, M. and Tarí, J.J.

Reasons of relations between the constructs perceived quality, trust, and loyalty in virtual learning environment

Curth, M.

Service quality study in property and casualty insurance market using the Quality Function Deployment methodology

Jordi Escayola Mansilla and Jesús Tricás Preckler

Employees´ Satisfaction and Quality Management in Human Resources: a Study in Spanish Thermal Centre

Del Río-Rama, M.C., Álvarez-García, J. and Bredis, K.

Implementation of a quality model on a software company in Brazil

Silva, T.A., Queiroz, F.C.B.P., Queiroz, J.V. and Furukava, M.

Applying Design of Experiments in Product Development Process

Araújo Júnior, L.Q., Queiroz, F.C.B.P., Assis, C.F., Azevedo, W.M., Queiroz, J.V. and Furukava, M.

Using simulation for balancing a line of power plugs

Ramos, A.L., Ferreira, J.V. and Santos, S.T.

Maturity and integration in management systems. Organizational sustainability

Escobar Rivera, D. and Simon Villar, A.

Assessing Quality Tools Use in the Wind Power Sector

Castelló, J., De Castro, R. and Marimon, F.

Supplier Evaluation Process from the perspective of the Stakeholders

Caran V., Krueger J.F., Ayres, L.F. and Araujo Jr. A.

Relationship between Quality Management Practices and Innovation: The Stateof-the-art

Bianchi, R.O. and Sampaio, P.

Quality Management Practices and Continuous Improvement in Desiccated Coconut Millers

Lalith Nimal Senaweera and Priyantha Saman

ISO 20000 service management standard: Motivations and key factors to implement

Cots, Santi and Casadesús, Martí

Exploring TLS approaches: A review

Dias, R. and Tenera, A.

Kaizen-Green. An opportunity for sustainable continuous improvement

Suárez-Barraza, M.F. and Rodríguez-González, F.G

Risks in quality management systems: What does ISO 9001:2015 intend?

Boanerges do Amaral Couto, Renato Pedroso Lee, Marcello Guimarães Couto and Marcelo Ferraz

EQUASS Assurance Certification: The View of Pioneer Adopters

Melão, Nuno, Amorim, Marlene, Marimon, Frederic and Alegre, Inés

Tailor made Excellence - Systemic analysis using sensitivity model

Bolboli, S.A. and Reiche, M.

Measuring Final Inspectors’ Discrimination Ability of Metal Structures in the Automotive Industry

Alvelos, H., Gonçalves, S. and Xambre, A.R.

The development of a management technology systems hospital production

Azevedo, B.M., Erdmann, R.H., Camara, T.F. and Campos, F.L.S.

Hospital Disaster Plan: the experience of a Brazilian hospital

Racy, F.C.J., Smaletz, D., Mizutani, J.K.S., Santos, T.C.G., Azevedo, B.M. and Campos, F.L S.

Reality Shock – Reducing the Risk

Campbell-Allen, N.M., Grigg, N.P. and Jayamaha, N.P.

Reduced time in the undercut beams building process in particular

Santos, F.B., Sabaddini, F.S., Barros, J.G.M. and Araújo Junior, A.H.

Is the Biosphere certification increasing customers’ satisfaction in hotels?

Presas, P., Bernardo, M. and Hernardez-Vivanco, A.

Analysis of the possible impacts of ISO 9001:2015 version changes in the quality management system of construction companies

Santos, J. and Evangelista, A.

What drives value? A comparative study of value drivers and how they are affected by management systems

Raßfeld, C., Fiegler, M., Witczak, M. and Jochem, R.

The supply chain quality management (SCQM) in middle-income economy countries

Lopez Astudillo, A., Cancelado Carretero, H.M., Fajardo Toro, C.H., Balbastre Benavent, F. and Redondo Cano, A.

Improving Quality of Healthcare through the Selection of Right Technology: An Expert System Approach for a Public Sector Hospital

Ayyaz Ahmad and Zahra Badar Munir

The EFQM model and the integration of management systems as different methodologies to achieve stakeholders’ satisfaction

Navas, J.L. and Bernardo, M.

The evolution of intensity certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: a comparative analysis by countries

Prestanicola, C., Galetto, M. and Marimon, F.

Methods used for final inspection in order to obtain the conformity of housing units in the delivery to the client

Noronha, M.P.P., Santos, J. and Evangelista, A.C.J.

Planning the Quality Management Organization – Development of a Roadmapping oriented QFD Approach

Behmer, Falk and Jochem, Roland

Evaluating quality-inspection effectiveness and affordability in short-run productions

Franceschini, F., Galetto, M., Genta, G. and Maisano, D.A.

Self-Assessment Using a Business Excellence Model: an empirical study on Brazilian SMEs

Machado, M.C., Mendes, E.F., Telles, R., Sampaio, P. and Santos, C.E.

The dyad partnership-credibility and the qualification of suppliers

Simone Ribeiro Sarges, Marcelo Oliveira, Fernando Romero and Sérgio Sousa

Monitoring audit quality performance: a contribution based on the analysis of audit reports

Ricardo Rocha, Joana Guimarães Sá and Henriqueta Nóvoa

Total Quality Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. Literature review. The case of Nabeiro Delta Cafés Group

Nogueiro, T., Saraiva, M. and Jorge, F.

Promoting change and easing quality management into higher education institutions

Duarte, R., Lacerda-Nobre, A., Ramos-Pires, A., Duarte, J., and Silva-Ribeiro, J.

Bibliometric analysis about subject “Quality in hotel services”

Lima, T.G., Nascimento, D.C. and Shimoda, E.

Validity of questionnaire items for customer satisfaction evaluation of hotels

Lima, T.G., Nascimento, D.C. and Shimoda, E.S.

Research opportunities in Production Engineering: a diagnosis instrument proposal

Neves, S.M., Paiva, E.J., Pinto, J.A., Neves, I.F.M. and D’Elboux, T.V.

Implementation of six sigma methodology for the elimination of contamination in Fine Pitch connectors

Lopes, J.M., Lopes, I., Roque, J. and Alves, A.L.

Logistics Business: Kanban Implementation in an Automotive Components Industry

Ribeiro R.B., Araujo Jr A.H.F., Barros, J.G.M. and Sabbadini, F.S.

Integrated Management Systems diffusion in South European countries

Cabecinhas, M., Domingues, J.P.T., Sampaio, P., Bernardo, M., Franceschini, F., Galetto, M., Gianni, M., Gotzamani, K., Mastrogiacomo, L. and Hernandez-Vivanco, A.

Integrating Lean Six Sigma with the new Management System Standards

Marques, P.A., Meyrelles, P.M. , Saraiva, P.M. and Frazão-Guerreiro, F.J.

Employeeship – the missing link between leadership and good results

Marita Bergendahl and Lars Sörqvist

Improving the quality of life through Six Sigma

Iorga, D., Ionescu, S. and Scarlat, C.

Why Should We Hear Our Suppliers?

Dagnino, B.V.

A model proposal for preservation process validation in microbial biobanks

Anabela Martins, Nelson Lima and Paulo Sampaio

Operational Excellence Programs influence on Organizational Culture Change: a conceptual model proposal

Carvalho, André M., Sampaio, Paulo and Rebentisch, Eric

Analyzing the processes at Misurata airport using the service blueprint method

Ramadan Abugeddida, Pat Donnellan and Enda Fallon

ISO 9001 and EFQM Model: a good approach for Higher Education Institutions?

Sá, P.S, Sampaio, P. and Rosa, M.J.

Impact of Physicians on Patients Seeking Hospital Services: Information Asymmetry Combines with Shifts in Perceived Quality

Wasim I.M. Sultan and José Crispim