ICQEM 2018

ICQEM 2018

Berbegal-Mirabent, Jasmina;

Marimon, Frederic;

Casadesús, Martí;

Sampaio, Paulo.


Circular economy: Challenges for the supply chain

Dagnino, B.V.

Assessing the financial effects of adopting multiple certifications

Hernandez-Vivanco, A., Domingues, P., Sampaio, P., Bernardo, M. and Cruz-Cázares, C.

Amine foaming modelling and reduction using binary logistic regression

Abdulla, A.F. and Awad, M.I.

Delight in excellent tourism experiences: The role of the exceptional value and the appraisal

Escobar Rivera, D., Casadesús Fa, M. and Simon Villar, A.

Human error prevention in manufacturing

Deshpande, M.

QM and innovation in the Greek agri-food sector

Kafetzopoulos, D., Sakali, P.C. and Skalkos, D.

A maturity model to assess supply chain quality management integration

Cubo, C., Oliveira, R., Estrada, R., Fernandes, A.C., Carvalho, M.S., Afonso, P., Roque, J. and Sampaio, P.

Fusion of partial orderings for decision problems in quality management

Franceschini, F. and Maisano, D.A.

Coaching and organizational improvement: A balanced scorecard approach

Fernández, C.L., Bernardo, M. and Karsperkaya, Y.

Capability index analysis in short-terms production at the machine supplier and initial manufacturing facility

Oprime, P.C., Lizarelli, F.L., Pimenta, M., Alliprandini, D.H. and Chakraborti, S.

Control chart and capability indices: Systematic literature review

Lizarelli, F.L., Oprime, P.C., Pimenta, M., Alliprandini, D.H. and Chakraborti, S.

Collaborative networking of researchers in quality: A Portuguese case

Pires, A.R., Saraiva, M. and Rolo, A.

Barriers to the development of continuous improvement maturity in the manufacturing company

Kucińska-Landwójtowicz, A.

A QFD-based approach to identify product-service systems functional requirements

Barravecchia, F., Mastrogiacomo, L. and Franceschini, F.

Robustness analysis of inspection design parameters for assembly of short-run manufacturing processes

Galetto, M., Verna, E., Genta, G. and Franceschini, F.

University absenteeism: Students’ and lecturers’ point of view

Bernardo, M., Aparicio-Chueca, P., Elasri-Ejjaberi, A., Triado-Ivern, X.M., Guàrdia-Olmos, J., Presas, P., Maestro-Yarza, I., Turull-Rubinat, M. and Roca-Acedo, B.

Practices adopted to the execution and quality control of foundations in building construction

Costa de Jesus, R. and dos Santos, J.

Quality and satisfaction – The case of nautical tourist services in the region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro – Portugal

Saraiva, M., Soares, M., Jorge, F. and Pires, A.R.

The influence of a lean six sigma green belt course on European students. A practical case

Dirkwinkel, T., Panieri, C., Preś, I. and Rosi, L.

Multi-objective mathematical model for a sustainable supply chain considering customer satisfaction and SR concepts: NSGAII approach

Zavvar Sabegh, M.H., Moslemi, SH., Zrymiak, D. and Leonard, D.

Hassan’s approach: Novel 5-step model transforming 'performance' to 'high performance'

Hassan, H.

Theoretical comparison of universitary quality assurance maturity models

Sanchez-Puchol, F., Pastor-Collado, J.A. and Casanovas, J.

Quality and innovation in the hospitality industry: A literature review

Gkana V. and Gotzamani K.

Potentials of blockchain technology for the quality management of interconnected processes

Kuhn, M., Paul, M. and Otten, H.

Quality management potentials – A future trend based analysis and strategy

Schäfer, F., Kuhn, M., Nguyen, H.G. and Otten, H.

World state of quality 2017: Results of a worldwide approach to measure macroquality

Cubo, C., Saraiva, P., Sampaio, P. and Reis, M.

Service quality for retail banks in the digital age

Nguyen, H.G., Schäfer, F. and Otten, H.

The EFQM excellence model in a research centre

Mendes, A.J.C. and Sampaio, P.

Measurement systems improvement in a tire industry process

Maia, H. and Nóvoa, H.

Identification of inefficiencies in a complaints handling process

Santos, M., Alvelos, H.A., Xambre, A.R. and Teixeira, L.

Contributions towards the improvement of the IMS-MM©: A Delphi method study

Saraiva, C., Domingues, J.P.D., Sampaio, P. and Arezes, P.M.

Strategic quality management for airports: The case of the Libyan airports

Abugeddida, R., Donnellan, P. and Fallon, E.

Public works in Brazil: Contracting, execution and inspection

Menaget de Andrade, V.H. and Santos, J.

Digital transformation of quality management

Cots, S.

The market concentration on education and the effects on quality

Spolavori, R. and Curth, M.

Development of a methodical approach for requirements management in crosscompany networks (ReMAiN)

Bielefeld, O., Schlueter, N. and Winzer, P.

Economic production lot-sizing model in an imperfect production system with maintenance

Park, M.

Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management

After the successful organization of the 1st and 2nd International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management, in 2014 and 2016, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the conference 3rd edition at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona.

The ICQEM 2018 is an international forum to present and discuss the progresses in the Quality Management, Quality Engineering and Organizational Excellence fields. Consequently, since the beginning, the conference covers different topics as: Standards, Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain Quality Management, Management Systems, Six Sigma, Quality Tools, Quality Management in Higher Education, Quality Management in Services, Total Quality Management, Organizational Excellence and The Future of Quality.

This conference provides the unique opportunity to share the latest insights of academic and industrial research on Quality Engineering and Management and Organizational Excellence, as well as to experience the unique environment of Barcelona, a city which has been at the heart of the artistic, cultural and scientific development since many years.

The ICQEM18 includes keynote speeches, parallel technical sessions, workshops and a number of social and networking events, including a conference dinner. The 2018 edition keynote speakers will include:
– Mats Deleryd – CEO & President, Swedish Institute for Quality, Sweden
– Jaume Ribera – Professor of Operations Management, IESE Business School, Spain
– Marianna Sigala – Professor, University of South Australia, Australia
– Malcolm Tight – Professor, Lancaster University, UK

Approximately 80 full papers have been submitted and almost 65 were accepted for presentation, after review from the Conference Scientific Committee. Some of these papers were selected by the Scientific Committee to be considered for a special issue that will be published by the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management (SCOPUS indexed journal). Papers accepted correspond to authors from all around the world, with more than 20 countries represented at this level. Therefore, a warm acknowledgment to all speakers and authors is well deserved – Thank You!

We must acknowledge the institutional support received from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona), Universitat de Girona, School of Engineering of the University of Minho, University of Coimbra, Portuguese Association for Quality, ALGORITMI Research Centre, Research viii Network on Management Standards, Cempalavras and Brazilian Society of Quality and Excellence in Management.

Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity and make with your contributions an event with Quality, shared and built by such a top level group of participants!

We thank you for your participation and welcome you to Barcelona!

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, July 11, 2018

Título: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Quality Engineering and Management, 2018

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