ICQEM 2020

ICQEM 2020

Sampaio, Paulo

Domingues, Pedro

Cubo, Catarina

Cabecinhas, Mónica

Casadesús, Martí

Marimon, Frederic

Pires, António Ramos

Saraiva, Pedro


A dynamic approach to teaching LSS at Universities

Francisco Ramires, Hugo Costa, Miguel Carvalho, José Cruz and Paulo Sampaio

DMAIC for Process Digitalization: A Hospital Case Study

Francisco Ramires and Paulo Sampaio

ISO 9001 and Organizational Excellence Models in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Current State and Comparative Analysis

Fábio Correia, André Carvalho and Paulo Sampaio

Application of DMAIC method in an industrial case study

Quitéria Silva, Euridice Lourenço and Carla Isabel Martins

Research on Quality Management and Sustainability

António Ramos Pires and Margarida Saraiva

Comparing quality profiles in Human-Robot Collaboration: empirical evidence in the automotive sector

Riccardo Gervasi, Francesco Nicola Digiaro, Luca Mastrogiacomo, Domenico Augusto Francesco Maisano and Fiorenzo Franceschini

Defect prediction model for wrapping machines assembly

Elisa Verna, Gianfranco Genta, Maurizio Galetto and Fiorenzo Franceschini

Identifying car-sharing quality determinants: a data-driven approach to improve engineering design

Federico Barravecchia, Luca Mastrogiacomo and Fiorenzo Franceschini

Bibliometric analysis of quality function deployment with fuzzy systems

Byanca Lima, Valerio Salomon, and Paulo Sampaio

Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodologies for Quality Improvement in a Powder Coatings Industry

Fátima Carneiro, Diana Valdoleiros, Henriqueta Nóvoa and Mariana Rodrigues

Towards Digital Lean Manufacturing: A Brazilian Case

Juliano Endrigo Sordan, Pedro Carlos Oprime, Marcio Lopes Pimenta, Franco Lombardi and Paolo Chiabert

Innovation, Technology and Quality

Cátia Pinto and Paulo Sampaio

Analyzing the Implications of Covid-19 on Supply Chain Quality Management

Mohammadamin Salimi, Paulo Alexandre da Costa Araújo Sampaio and Sara Sadat Golmaryami

Quality Management in Higher Education. Using SERVPERF to assess services quality

Ricardo Rodrigues, Maria João Rosa, Patrícia Moura Sá, and Gonçalo Santinha

The Relationship between Quality Management and Innovation

Cátia Pinto and Fernando Romero

Reducing the percentage of broken drops using the lean six sigma methodology

Juliano Endrigo Sordan, Pedro Carlos Oprime, Marcelo Cesar de Moura, Isabela De Castro Rosa and Subhabrata Chakraborti

Contributions to the development of an evaluation model of the organizational culture of food safety

Maria Del Rocío Gil Ruiz and José Pedro Teixeira Domingues

Impacts from the Implementation of the ISO 22000

Filipa Campos, Mónica Moura, Sara Alves, Pedro Domingues and Mónica Cabecinhas

Impacts from the Implementation of ISO 14001

Bernardo Almeida, Ana Silva, Carolina Sousa, Pedro Domingues and Mónica Cabecinhas

Critical success factors during the implementation of ISO 22000:2018

Priscila Monge-Mora, Débora Oliveira, Shevchenko Kseniia, Mónica Cabecinhas and Pedro Domingues

Examining the Predictors of Unit Price of a Readymade Garment in Bangladesh

Mohammad Alam Tareque and Nazrul Islam

ISO 22000 standard implementation: Benefits, Motivations and Obstacles

Joana Gonçalves, Bianca Rodrigues, Marta Teixeira, Pedro Domingues and Mónica Cabecinhas

ISO 22000 standard implementation: Benefits, Motivations and Obstacles

Joana Gonçalves, Bianca Rodrigues, Marta Teixeira, Pedro Domingues and Mónica Cabecinhas

Lean Philosophy Applied to Gemstones Certification

Carla Lino, Helena Navas and António Lino

Develop the New Business Model for SME Manufacturer

George Chien and Felix Chan

Quality as a driver for internationalisation of Chilean universities?

Martha Ramírez-Valdivia, Paulina Latorre Bahamóndez and Jaime Bustos

Fire brigades - organisational assessment through excellence approach

Jorge Miguel-Oliveira, Adelina Baptista and Elisabeth Brito

Classification of Improvement Project Selection Methods

Aneta Kucińska-Landwójtowicz, Izabela Czabak-Górska, Katarzyna Rudnik and Marcin Lorenc

Small and Medium Enterprises Pursuing Organizational Excellence: A Toolkit for Improvement

Fábio Correia, André Carvalho, Christianna Hayes and Paulo Sampaio

DFMEAs with the New AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook

Matthew Barsalou

Leadership in the current Quality Management paradigm

Cláudia Sousa Silva and Ana Matos

Quality Management System according to the future of quality and Quality 4.0 principles and guidelines

Filipe Gastão Maia de Loureiro

Internal Strategic Alignment: Exploring the Concept

Vanderli Correia Prieto and Marly Monteiro de Carvalho

Intellectual Property Crime and Business Excellence Framework - Dubai Police case study

Abdul Quddos Al Obaidly, Jorge Roman and Abdelrahman Almuaini

Reduced Energy Consumption Using Lean Six Sigma

Cicero Luanderson, Jéssica Chaves, Amanda Feitosa, Luana Araújo and Francisca Mendonça

Operational Excellence Using Gap Analysis: UAE IT Centers Case Study

Rola Hassan, Prof Ahmed Al Shammaa, Dr Manar Abu Talib, and Dr Jorge Roman

Innoframe: a project and portfolio management multilayer framework to support innovation-driven SMEs

Anabela Tereso and Mohamad Ali Mishly

Development of Quality Dashboards: a case study of an electronic product

Ana Rita da Silva Mendes, Ana Raquel Xambre and Helena Alvelos

Project Risk Management in an Automotive Company

Marta Gonçalves, Anabela Tereso and Hélio Costa

Continuous Improvement Programs and Industry 4.0: Descriptive Bibliometric Analysis

Paulo Henrique Amorim Santos and Roberto Antonio Martins

Technology and Quality Management: a review of concepts and opportunities in the Digital Transformation

André Carvalho, Paulo Sampaio, Eric Rebentisch and Josef Oehmen

Preliminary Model for IoT-Related ISO 10000 Integrative Augmentation

Maria Belen Ortiz and Stanislav Karapetrovic

Can employees be delighted?

Dalilis Escobar Rivera, Alba Manresa Matas and Eva Rimbau Gilabert

Organizational Learning, Change and Total Quality Management: Investigating the Link

Fotios Vouzas and Sotirios Zygiaris

A Framework to Support Quality Data Mart Solutions: an approach developed based on practical cases

Ana Rita da Silva Mendes, Leonor Teixeira and Helena Alvelos

Operational Excellence Using Heuristics Exploratory Study

Rola Hassan, Dr Jorge Roman, Prof Ahmed Al Shammaa and Dr Manar Abu Talib

The role and significance of ISO 9004 standard

Piotr Rogala

Enabling Strategic Foresight in Organizations through Quality Management and Organizational Excellence Concepts: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Aichouni, Mabrouk Touahmia, Abdul-Aziz S. Alghamdi, Lioua Kolsi and Tareq Al- Homaid

Optimization model for waiting list management and service continuous improvement

Elisa Vieira, Bruno S. Gonçalves, Rui M. Lima and José Dinis-Carvalho