ICQEM 2022

ICQEM 2022

Sampaio, Paulo

Domingues, Pedro

Costa, Acácio

Casadesús, Martí

Marimon, Frederic

Pires, António Ramos

Saraiva, Pedro


Quality 4.0 - Why Digital is its Identity?

Mohamed Zairi

Analysis and Prioritization of Quality 4.0 dimensions and companies' readiness to adapt to industry 4.0 evolutions through Bayesian Best - Worst method

Hadi Balouei Jamkhaneh || Reza Jalali || Reza Shahin || Rui M. Lima|| Ehsan Rasouli || Gholamreza Jamali

An Integration of QFD and Fuzzy-AHP approach in Hospital Services, case study: a Hospital in Iran

Ahmad Hariri || José Pedro Teixeira Domingues || Paulo Sampai

Properly Using Technology to Ensure Quality (A Reflection Concepts and Implementation)

Filipe Gastão Maia de Loureiro

Quality Challenges for Management System Certification Bodies – From the Accreditation Point of View

George Anastasopoulos || Natalya Roshka || Harry Makam

Human-robot collaboration in a repetitive assembly process: a preliminary investigation on operator’s experience and product quality outputs

Riccardo Gervasi || Luca Mastrogiacomo || Fiorenzo Franceschini

Total Quality Management Philosophy Within the Fourth Industrial Revolution Towards Sustainability: A State-of-The-Art Literature Review and A Proposed Protocol for Further Research

Ahmed Baha Eddine Aichouni || Luís Miguel D.F. Ferreira || Cristovao Silva

Statistical Process Control techniques to monitor quality determinants in digital Voice-of-Customer

Federico Barravecchia || Luca Mastrogiacomo || Lorenzo Tavani || Fiorenzo Franceschini

Product complexity and quality in assembly processes: state-of-art and challenges for Human-Robot Collaboration

Matteo Capponi || Luca Mastrogiacomo || Dario Antonelli || Fiorenzo Franceschini

User-Generated content mining: Exploring paths on the Quality perspective

Sara Maia || Pedro Domingues || Maria Leonilde Varela

Risk management prioritization in medical device SMEs based on AHP analysis

Yasmin Silva Martins || Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, Juliana Helena Daroz Gaudêncio || Paulo Sampaio

Smart Police Station: A journey towards excellence, Dubai Police case study

Jorge Roman || Khalifa Al Room

Challenges and opportunities of collaborative robots for quality control in manufacturing: evidences from research and industry

Elisa Verna || Stefano Puttero || Gianfranco Genta || Maurizio Galetto

World State of Quality: a frontier approach to benchmark the performance of countries worldwide

Hermilio Vilarinho || Catarina Cubo || Paulo Sampaio || Pedro Saraiva|| Marco Reis || Henriqueta Nóvoa || Ana Camanho

Multiple Management Systems in pursue of Eco-Product Innovation: The role of slack resources

Alfonso Hernandez-Vivanco || Merce Bernardo

The perception of the impact of certification on organisational culture relative to the environment and occupational health and safety

Maria Helena Pedrosa || Adelina L.F. Baptista || Joana Guedes

Assessing the use of pre-trained transformers to classify customer reviews

Manuel Alves || Armindo Lobo || Angelica Reis

Development of an AI-based workflow to support competency-based resource planning of industrial projects

Amirbabak Ansari || Nadine Schlueter || Manuel Loewer

Quality 4.0: An exploratory literature review and avenues for future research

Diana Oliveira || Maria João Rosa || Helena Alvelos

Good practices and hindrances to integrate Lean Six Sigma with Industry 4.0 in the chemical sector

Sergio Tenorio dos Santos Neto || Maximilian Espuny || Pedro Domingues || Otávio José de Oliveira

The Challenges of Remote Work to the development of a TQM Culture

Patrícia Moura e Sá

Sustainable Management in the hotel sector: an exploratory study

Sílvia Carvalho || César Oliveira || Stella Regina Reis da Costa || A.L.F. Baptista

Protocol for refinement and validation of a conceptual model of service quality for Direct-to-Consumer telemedicine consultation

Julie Preaux || Martí Casadesús || Merce Bernardo

Quality 4.0 Concept and its Implementation in Saudi Organizations

Saud Alshamari || Mohamed Aichouni

Continuous Validation of models that support Decision-Making Processes

Carlos Renato Bueno || Pedro Carlos Oprime || Juliano Endrigo Sordan || Giovanni Cláudio Pinto Condé || Daily Morales

Patient experience in health care services. A gender perspective

Dalilis Escobar Rivera || Alba Manresa Matas

Development of scenario-based methods for testing the quality of chemical protective gloves regarding ergonomic requirements

Nadine Schlueter || Sina Hajiaghapour || Christian Boehmer || Uli Barth

Organization of a continuous improvement system in production companies

Aneta Kucińska-Landwójtowicz || Izabela Czabak-Górska

Service Design: prospects and challenges on its adoption

Mafalda Fernandes || Rogerio Puga-Leal

Quality 4.0: a bibliometric study and research agenda

Giovanni Cláudio Pinto Condé || Pedro Carlos Oprime || Márcio Lopes Pimenta || Juliano Endrigo Sordan || Carlos Renato Bueno

Implementing sustainability as a quality factor in higher education institutions

Teresa Nogueiro || Margarida Saraiva || António Ramos Pires

Service Quality Evaluation of Saudi Arabia Flowers Market

Mohammed Ibrahim Alghofaili || Fotios Vouzas || Bassem Nasri

Integration of Project Monitoring and Quality Management: A case study

María José Painén-Paillalef || Martha Teresa Ramírez-Valdivia || Blanca Villalobos- Acuña || Cristóbal Garrido-Rodríguez

Controlling industrial Measuring and Monitoring Equipment status through EWMA and I-MR chartsk

Margarida Sousa || Isabel Lopes || João Pedro Mendonça || Cláudia Pires

The integration of technologies Industry 4.0 technology and Lean Manufacturing: A systematic literature review

Tailise Mascarenhas Martins || Aline Patricia Mano || Adriana Aparecida Alves Silva || Ricardo Coser Mergulhão

Downtime Reduction in a Small Company Using DMAIC Methodology

Gabriela L. Ferreira || Alexandre M. Vasconcelos || Diego R. Fogaça

Diagnosing organizational culture of innovation: development and application of a systematized instrument

Cristhian Mafalda || Cintia Blaskovsky P. Gomes || Ricardo F. Esposto || Lillian D. N. Gambi || Mateus C. Gerolamo

Quality management in Research and Developmnet Organizations: a literature review

Arnaldo Gaio || Edilvando Eufrazio

Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of ISO 9001 certification trends and innovation performance in South America

Juliano Endrigo Sordan || Pedro Carlos Oprime || Giovanni Cláudio Pinto Condé || Carlos Renato Bueno || Marcio Lopes Pimenta

Systemic use of quality tools in HIV/AIDS research project

Carlos Jefferson de Melo Santos || Inês Dourado || Ângelo M. O. Sant'Anna

Revisiting European diffusion: ISO 22000 Certification

Nathalia Granja and Pedro Domingues

Are Lean, World Class Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are related?

José D. R. Terra, Fernando T. Berssaneti || Camila C. Melo

Defect reduction using Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC

Giovanni Cláudio Condé || Pedro Carlos Oprime || Márcio Lopes Pimenta || Juliano Endrigo Sordan || Carlos Renato Bueno

Synergies between Quality management and Knowledge management: 4.0 shop floor competency management model

Salomé Campos || Cláudia de Sousa Silva

Development of a predictive model of financial performance indicators for organizations with integrated management systems, supported in artificial neural networks

Fábio Freitas || Lino Costa || Pedro Domingues || Andre Carvalho

The emergence of Industry 5.0: a bibliometric analysis

Yasmin Silva Martins || José Pedro Teixeira Domingues || Camila Fabrício Poltronieri || Luciana Rosa Leite

Assessing a customer complaint indicator: a case study in the automotive sector

Assessing a customer complaint indicator: a case study in the automotive sector Angélica Reis || José Costa || Sergio Sousa || Lino Costa

Implementation and development of IPVC's equality plan in association with its management system

Ana Teresa Ferreira Oliveira || Ana Sofia Rodrigues || Paulo Rodrigues || Márcia Amorim || Teresa Gonçalves|| Manuel Fonseca || Mário Barros || Salete Calvinho || Sara Simões || Manuel Barros || Paula Silva || Filipa Patrocinio || Cíntia Carones || Sofia Rodrigues

The Resonant Effect of Risks on Supply Chain Performance: A Covid-19 Perspective

Huong Le Thi Cam, Huy Truong Quang || Paulo Sampaio || Maria Sameiro Carvalho || An Duong Thi Binh

Application of artificial intelligence methods for educational organizations' quality management systems (QMS) effectiveness improvement

Valentin Dzedik || José Pedro Teixeira Domingues || Ellada Tikhonovich || Valentina Moiseeva

Integrated Management Systems in Industry 4.0: Literature Review

Cátia Pinto, Pedro Domingues, Paulo Sampaio and Otávio Oliveira

Benchmarking 10 Engineering Courses of the Federal University at Bahia, Brazil

Júlia Ramos || Ava Barbosa || Abel Jesus || Tatiana Dumêt

Digital Transformation of the Natural Stone Sector

Ana Sofia Amaral and Pedro Oliveira

Analysis bibliometric of Lean Manufacturing during COVID-19 pandemic

Camila C. Melo || Izabelle M. Martinez || Gabriel H. S. Rampini || Fernando T. Berssaneti

Supply Chain Quality Management 4.0: Systematic literature review and conceptual framework

Han Nguyen Tuyet || Anh Tran Tien || Huy Truong Quang || Paulo Sampaio || Maria Sameiro Carvalho || An Duong Thi Binh

Direct and indirect effects of risks on service-oriented supply chain: A COVID- 19 pandemic perspective

Thang Ta Duc || Uyen Diep My || Huy Truong Quang || Paulo Sampaio || Maria Carvalho || An Duong Thi Binh

Quality 4.0 on the small scale

Brigitta Kicska || Vivien Nagy || Tamas Szadeczky

Analysis of ISO 9001:2015 certification in Portugal and comparison with other countries: effects of development scores, crisis, and economic cycles

Adriana Trindade Gonçalves || Inês Faria Alves || André M. Carvalho