ICQEM 2024

ICQEM 2024

Sampaio, Paulo

Domingues, Pedro

Carvalho, André

Casadesús, Martí

Costa, Acácio

Marimon, Frederic

Pereira, Sofia

Pires, António Ramos

Saraiva, Pedro


Medical device industry: overview on quality and sustainability

Ungaro V., Guglielmetti Mugion R., Renzi M.F., Di Pietro L. and Bisceglia F.

Coopetition-Driven Excellence: Enhancing Product Quality and Innovation in Manufacturing SMEs through IoT-Enabled Networks

Agostinho da Silva and Antonio J. Marques Cardoso

Customer order management in lens production

Alexandru Andreea-Mădălina, Manta Nicoleta-Lăcrămioara and Severin Irina

Systematic Literature Review on Performance Measurement Systems for Power Distribution Companies

Martins, R.A, Batalha, M.O, Tavares Neto, R.F., Moralles, H.F., Seeberger, R.F. and Mendonça, G.S.

An np chart for reducing sustainability cost of monitoring manufacturing processes

Omar, A., Araci, Z.C., Shamsuzzaman, M., Aydin, R., Haridy, S. and Bashir, H

Remote STEM Education: Gap Analysis from the Perspectives of Students and Faculty

D.A. Maisano, G. Carrera, L. Mastrogiacomo and F. Franceschini

Quality of Bibliometric Databases: Accuracy in Classification of Document Types

D.A. Maisano, L. Mastrogiacomo, L. Ferrara and F. Franceschini

The use of Quality Tools to support a SMED implementation

Matos, A., Xambre, A.R. and Alvelos, H.

Integration of Machine Learning Tools with Lean Six Sigma Activities in Forensic Engineering: A Literature Review

Alkindi, S.A., Araci, Z.C., Alqassim, M.A. and Bouridane, A.

Sustainable Management in the hotel sector: Practices and Challenges

Silvia Carvalho, Stella Regina Reis da Costa and Baptista, A.L.F.

Discrete-Event Simulation Tools Applied to the Healthcare Context

Paiva, E.J. and Rocha, A.M.A.C.

Contribution of the Energy Management System (ISO 50001) to ESG

Poltronieri, C.F.1, Espuny, M., Xavier, Y.S.M., Hernandez-Vivanco, A., Bernardo, M. and Oliveira, O.J.

Suitability of ISO 9001:2015 standard in the digital transformation context: literature review

Matias-Correia, R., Dias, A.R., Cruz-Correia, R., Domingues, P. and Sampaio, P.

Data Science Application on Six Sigma: Global Survey Findings

Belem, A.C., Sampaio, P.A. and Oliveira, M.L.

ONA-Accredited Primary Health Care Quality through Google Review Analysis

Melo, C.C., Cordeiro, F.A. and Berssaneti, F.T.

Enablers and Barriers in Hospital Accreditation: An Integrated Review

Melo, C.C. and Berssaneti, F.T

Exploring Project Management in Brazilian Healthcare Amid Global Health Crisis

Melo, C.M., Pereira, F.N. and Berssaneti, F.T.

Improvement of patient flow in healthcare: systematic review and bibliometric analysis

Machado, T.M., Pascon, D.M. and Berssaneti, F.T.

Integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Quality Subjects for Higher Education Students

Jaca, Carmen, Villar-Rosety, Fernando M., Bäckström, Ingela and Hedlund, Christer

Improvement methods in biobanking and biorepository processes: systematic review and research trends

Machado, T.M. and Berssaneti, F.T

Overcoming Barriers to Foster Innovation in Collaborative R&D Projects

Araújo Helena, Tereso Anabela and Fernandes Gabriela

The impact of culture on the acceptance of Industry 4.0 technologies in Greek organisations: An empirical investigation of a lean digital transformation

Gianni, M., Gotzamani, K., Konstantaras, I., Kessopoulou, E. and Xanthopoulou, S.

Digital Traceability of Quality in the Food Processing Industry

Verna, E., Genta, G. and Galetto, M.

Lean, Six Sigma and ISO Management Systems Standards: An Integration Framework

Marques, Pedro A.A., Reis, João C.G., Sá, José C.V., Mateus, Ricardo J.G. and Silva, Francisco P.

Framework Proposal for Preventive Maintenance in Third-Party Suppliers: An Action Research in the White Goods Industry

Favatto Filho, A.S., Lizarelli, F.L. and Poltronieri, C.F.

Integrating TQM and Industry 4.0 for Enhanced Sustainability Performance: An Empirical Primary Results from Saudi Arabia Manufacturing Organizations

Aichouni, A.B.E., Silva, C. and Ferreira, L.M.

Contribution to Reduce Type II Error at the End-of-Line Inspection at an Automotive Industry Supplier

Santos, E.M., Nunes, E.P., Sousa, S.D. and Rodrigues, C.S

Adaptation of the QRQC Methodology to a Manual Intensive Industry

Ribeiro, M.A.C. and Sousa, S.D.

Novel applications of silver-nanoparticles in food contact material: A systematic review

Anele Sithole and Shalini Singh

Data-based University Quality Assurance: Whether ranking results and performance indicators interrelate?

Medne Aija, Zeps Artūrs and Inga Lapina

Circular economy and sustainability for a higher quality tourism experience: a systematic literature review

Bisceglia F., Di Pietro L., Ungaro V., Renzi M.F. and Guglielmetti Mugion

Exploration of the Concept of Standardization: a Literature Overview

Pīlēna-Dālberga, A. and Lapiņa, I.

Conditions for Continuous Improvement in the Operation of Manufacturing Enterprises

Kucińska-Landwójtowicz, A. and Czabak-Górska, I. D.

Unlocking the potential of Control Charts for patient injected doses in Nuclear Medicine procedures

Carmelo, J.B., Sousa, V., Cardoso, G., Santos, A.I., Carmelo, P.J. and Matos, A.S

Use of Control Charts to Define Diagnostic and Activities Reference Levels for PET/CT Studies in adults: a local study

Diogo Gomes, Vanessa de Sousa, Gabriela Cardoso, Ana Isabel Santos, Duarte Dinis and Ana Sofia Matos

A proposal for actions to improve urban solid waste management based on circular economy concepts

Ligia Moreira, Stella Regina Reis da Costa and Maristela Soares Lourenço

On Key Factors of e-Learning Quality for Senior Citizens

Lyu, Jrjung and Hsieh, Chun-Hung

Assuring quality in higher education: defining dimensions in e-assessment

Pons, M., Llach, J. and Casadesús, M.

Control charts for monitoring process with time trend: using monitoring random source, profile monitoring and modified location chart

Braga F.A.S., Sordan, J.E. and Oprime, P.C

Getting an Insight into Quality 4.0 Reality: Design of a questionnaire

Oliveira, D., Rosa, M.J. and Alvelos, H.

Holistic Quality Excellence: Being Best for the World

Willy Vandenbrande

Index for detecting techwashing level in Chilean technology startups

Vargas, M. F., Rivas, F. and Román, J.

Control Limits for Monitoring the Average of Correlated Streams

Clovis Ribas and Gamal Weheba

Exploring the relationship between leadership behaviour and firm performance in the ready made garment industry of Bangladesh

Tareque, A. and Islam, N.

Enhancing manufacturing quality through gamification: an exploratory study in collaborative assembly process

Capponi, M., Culotta, A.N., Gervasi, R., Mastrogiacomo, L. and Franceschini, F.

Quality management evaluation in the third sector: survey research

Moraes, T.V., Prado, A.B.J., Poltronieri, C.F. and Lizarelli, F.L.

Steel Improvement: Ecuador Building Case

Cervantes, A.E., Cerpa, D.A. and Guerra, M.A.

Use of Lean Six Sigma Methodology in Improving Waiting Times for First Orthopedic Consultation at a Public Hospital

Nogueira, M., Carvalho, A.M. and Matos, A.S.

Assessment of Non-Quality Costs in a Healthcare Institution

Cogollo-Flórez, J.M. and Cardona-Salazar, S.

Lean and green transformation in luminous industry

Scutaru, L. and Severin, I.

Discovering the connection: Cultural Diversity and Innovation in Businesses. A case-based approach

Martín Vicente-Ruiz, Mercè, Bagur Femeníes, Llorenç. and Mas Machuca, M.

Strategic Synergy: Exploring the Intersection of Quality Management and Innovation

Robertsone, G., Kunecova, J., Bikfalvi, A. and Marques, P.

Quality Management in Corporate Health: A Study in the Energy Sector

Avena, D.A., Costa, S.R. and Resende, D.N.

Integrating Sustainability into Excellence Models

Hariri, A., Domingues, J.P.T. and Sampaio, P.

Tool for assessing the degree of maturity in process management in the Brazilian electrical sector

Rodrigo Tenório Lopes de Souza, Stella Regina Reis da Costa and Maurício N. Frota

Advancing Quality Management: Towards Artificial Intelligence capabilities to improve digital service quality

Omidvar, M., Marimon, F. and Colombari, R.

Beyond Taylor (clientocracy) management methodology as a tool to enhance corporate culture and improve business process efficiency through flexible approaches

Mikhaleva, Y.Y. and Razgulyaev, V.Y.

Six Sigma and Data Mining to Improve Production Processes

Saad, H.

Validation of a conceptual model of service quality for Direct-to-consumer telemedicine consultation: preliminary results of the 1st round of a Delphi study

Preaux, J., Bernardo, M. and Casadesús, M.